Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well I didn't do too bad this week on the scale. I really wasn't watching my points/what I was eating (it was my birthday week). I didn't lose any thing but the cool side is, I didn't gain anything either. Pretty good present I must say. This week will be a even better week. I have a new yoga mat and dvd. I also received a free personal trainer session from the gym as a thank you for being with them for the past year. I am excited to get going!!
Barrie (and Catie) bought me a new bed for a birthday present. It is a king size. So super nice!!!! I love it. I dread the mornings, because I just want to sleep in. We went out to eat at Bonsai, Japanese habatchi grill. Oh it was so yummy. Cate loved the chef and the tricks he was doing with the utensils and lighting the smiley face made out of oil on fire. She clapped when he was tossing the eggs in the air. We had so much fun!!

Walkers were made for walking. And that's just what she'll do

Catie had her biweekly physical therapy today, the first time since Christmas (due to sicknesses on our side and her therapist's side). Anyway, Lisa ( her Therapist) said that she has made great progress since she last saw us. She said her cruising along furnature has greatly improved and we decided that the goal for cruising would be passed off today. We did set another goal in that Catie would walk, confidently, using a walker. Cate was not too sure on that idea. She is used to her little shopping cart that Santa brought her. The walker is used backwards to the shopping cart. Cate has to pull it long in stead of push it like the cart. We aren't able to use the walker in our house, right now, (the house is too small and the walker is quite clunky), so we will use it everywhere else. She can use it at church where there is the cultural hall to walk through from nursery to Sacrament meeting. She can use it when we wait for her daddy - there is a smooth sidewalk and a great waiting area. I am excited. This year is the year for meeting goals. I am almost to my first goal in my weight loss exhibition. Walking with a walker, to eventually walking unassisted will be Cate's.