Friday, August 29, 2008

Letter of Resignation

Ok folks, the day has come. I am turning in my letter or resignation to the hospital that I work at. I received a call yesterday for a clinic position. That means I wont have to work nights, weekend, holidays, call....any of that. Finally!!! I will be working 3 eight hour days, Monday thru Wednesday. I can not wait. I start next Tuesday, 2 September. So today at work I need to turn in my letter. I was going to see about staying on a few Sundays, or helping out with call. I chose otherwise due to the past few days' events working. Anyway, yea to answered prayers!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Yesterday and today, Cate has been doing a small bit of crawling. She would start out slowly on her hands and knees and move forward. If the object she was looking toward was too far away, she would drop down to her belly and army crawl like a crazy person. She is hands and knees crawling more and more every minute. It is so exciting!!! If she keeps this up, we may be finished with physical therapy for awhile, if not for good and putting up safety gates everywhere. YEAAAA, CATIE!!!! Keep up the good work kiddo!!!