Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catie is participating in a 4 day dance seminar at Cottonwood High School. It is an introduction to dancing. Yesterday was her first class. She laughed so much and worked so hard at copying her teachers. Her are a few pics and mini videos. Her best friend Millie is also taking the class with her. You can see her debut in this video too :)

Will post more over the next few days!! Enjoy !!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Barrie and Andrea

This past August 13th, Barrie and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I cant believe it has been 5 years already. Wow time does fly while having fun. We share half the day with Catie and John. We went to This is the Place state park. We rode the train around the pioneer village twice. We hopped off at the Indian village and toured the teepees. Barrie helped Cate pan for "gold" in the little creek. We found a small piece and took it to the "bank" for a piece of taffy. Cate, John and I rode on the mini train that went around the small pond, were on the far side we were able to look out across the valley.Walking back to the town, there is a row of wheel carts. These carts are used when there are school groups. They take a mini trek up the mountain and come back down. They get experience what the Mormon pioneers experienced. We had to put Cate and John in a cart for a picture. It has to be my favorite picture of them by far.it was the Civil War days while that weekend at the park. There were camps set up around. When we came out of the "bank" the soldiers were lining up. They counted down and fired their rifles, then they shot the canon off. That was cool. Catie didnt think so. She was instantly sobbing.

On our way back to the gate, on the west side of the park they had build a mini town for children to play. Cate loved it. She was in and out of the little houses, store, cabin and on the train. Johnny liked having his picture taken on the train.
That evening, our very good friend in the ward watched/entertained Cate and Johnny so Barrie and i could spend some time together.( Thank You Denise and Ty!!!!!) We had a coupon for a buy one get one free park coupon for Lagoon amusement park. I did alright for a little bit, until we went on the ride Samuri. It spins in 3 different directions at once. I was sick. It took an hour for my stomach to calm down and my head to stop spinning. Barrie lost his sunglasses on it. We were able to go on more rides and play before we picked up Cate and John.

DeMaria invasion

My family came out to visit at the end of July. It was sooooooo much fun having EVERYONE here. Dad, Mom, Chris and Shannon came out on Saturday July24th. I dont thin I ever made so many trips to the airport in one day. It was fun. Paula and Josh were to get into town on Sunday at about 1130pm, but with delays, they arrived at about 2 in the morning. Monday we played. After Cate and John's MD appts, we went up to Snowbird. We took Chris and Shannon last year and had the "wonderful" time of hiking down from Hidden Peak - the top where the tram drops you off, back down to the lodge. needless to say we didnt do that again. But, we did take the tram - both ways. Everyone thought the view was amazing. It was about 50 degrees, a good 45 degrees cool than the valley. It was beautiful!!

We ate at many fun places. At the Porcupine, Josh and Chris sampled the local beers. We introduced Mom, Dad, Chris and Shannon to a Brazilian Grill- Tucanos. Yummy. There was a request from Paula where we had to go to Leatherby's for ice cream. I dont think anyone disagreed with that request. There was rocking out with Rock Band, and lots of naps taken. Cate had everyone busy playing with her doll house with her, drawing with chalk outside and reading her books. Thanks for all the fun everyone!!! I miss you all so much!!! Kisses and hugs!!!

Scottish Festival

In July, we thought it would be fun to go and take part in Barrie's heritage. We all went down to Payson, Utah where the annual Scottish Festival was held. We sat and watched some of the games/competitions they had. They tossed logs (like telephone poles). There was an event where it was a sack filled with straw. The men competing had a pitch fork; they stabbed the sack and then tryied to launch it over a horizontal pole. It was pretty cool. We then went and sat in the shad for awhile and watched/listened to a few bag pipe groups as they competed. Cate had her usual pose - her hands over her ears. Johnny was intently watching the people. It was lots of fun!

After the festival, we decided to drive by
Barrie's first house he lived in where he was born.

Johnny at 3 mos old

Cate had been so in love with John since he came along. I am so glad that she has been for the most part pretty gentle with him. Whatever he is doing, Cate wants to be involved.

Summer Swimmin'

Our little pool has been so much fun this year. Catie was very apprehensive about it but warmed up quickly. Johnny on the other had, loved it the minute he was put in the ladybug floaty. He would just kick back, float, kick his legs some more to where he would go around the pool and then just float again.

Handing down of the trades

Ben had fun taking these pics. I dont think Johnny enjoyed them as much. Dont worry Johnny, I find the whole linux and programming thing boring too!!