Thursday, May 6, 2010

March/April 2010

So I have been a slacker since bringing John home from the hospital. Ok, not really slacking, just trying to stay a float with lack of sleep, house chores, and splitting my time between two little urchins.
Catie has been such a huge helper since John has been home. She is quick to grab a diaper/take it to the garbage. She loves to help feed John, though we have to tell her to be gentile. She loves to hold him the most!


Catie and John both met the Easter bunny at the mall. Johnny wasn't so interested. Cate on the other hand was frightfully interested. She had her hands over her ears, afraid it was going to make a loud noise. She refused to sit next to him, not to mention on his lap. I had to sit in the picture and hold her hands down on her lap. We decided to take the kids' picture off to the side of the bunny where there was cute eggs and flowers. Cate still kept eying the freaky rabbit with her hands over her ears.

Catie and I decorated eggs this year. We had so much fun. Catie did a great job.

We had fun on Easter Sunday. Even though it snowed the night before, it melted by the afternoon to have an egg hunt in the back yard. Cate had so much fun and did a GREAT job with walking in the back yard.