Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Baby Campbell #2

It is official!!! We are expecting our second little angel April 1st. No joke intended. As of today we are 16.5 weeks. I have been peeking the past few weeks to see if I could make out the sex early. I peeked yesterday in hopes to find out and surprise Barrie for his birthday today. The verdict is either it has mutated a third leg or it is a little boy!!! Barrie was excited.

And we're walking!!

Catie is finally doing it. For about 50% of the time she is walking on her own. We have stopped taking her walker to daycare and she isnt using it in the house. If we catch her trying to crawl, we ask her to stand up and come to us. And she does. She is doing great an getting more confident with every step. Our hopes are that by Christmas time, she will be walking everywhere. Go Catie!!