Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weight Loss Journey

So, my journey to becoming a lighter, healthier me is progressing. I need to seriously get back into the gym. Vacations really screw things up. I went to weigh in last Thursday, not expecting to have lost anything. I was shocked. I lost 2 more pounds putting at my 5% body mass loss goal for a grand total of 14.8 pounds since January 1st. I am stoked!!! This Thursday will not be so positive. I have to admit, I have been on a serious chocolate bindge, along with pizza. I did not get my water in nor was I very careful with watching my points. I am going to start over again tomorrow once I weigh in. Hopefully, tomorrow wont be too bad :)

New York 2009

I can't believe that it is the middle of the month already and I have written nothing since the beginning of February. Catie, Barrie and I went to New York to visit our families and have a little R&R. We took a red eye to JFK. Catie did not do well at all. We put her down for a nap at 7pm, which is usually her bed time. We woke her up at 9 and got to the airport. She walked all over with her walker (we thought it was great-she will konk out on the plane). Wrong!!! She was up the entire flight. I was besides myself - I do not do well without sleep. Catie slept amost all day trying to catch up on sleep. My aunts, uncles, and cousins came into town for a pizza gathering. My brother Chris and his girlfriend Shannon, my sister Paula and Mom all joined us as well. My mom didnt get into town till later that day, missing my extended family due to her plane hitting a bird upon take off from Orlando - scary!!!

We introduced Cate to AHL/NHL hockey. She didnt know what to do when the fog horn blew anouncing a goal scored for the home team. She clapped endlessly when kids were dancing and everyone else was clapping. She sat in our laps and just watched the players slam opponents into the glass(fiberglass). She was even clapping when fights erupted (girl after my heart!!)

We got together with may of our friends/coworkers that we havent seen for 3 1/2 - 4 yrs. It was so good to see everyone and catch up on missed events. Cate went with me to the hopsitals that I worked for to visit good friends. Everyone was amazed at how well she is doing, how big she is getting, and loved her walking with her walker.

Paula, Chris and Shannon had horrible times trying to get back to North Carolina. There was a big snow storm the rolled through part of the east coast. Philly airport was cancelling/ delaying flights left and right. Chris, Shannon and Paula all left a day later than they should have. I didnt mind. I loved spending the time with them, but they were a bit ticked. (I would be too.)

Barrie's mom took Cate (Barrie and myself, too) to the Poughkeepsie Children's museum. Oh she had so much fun!!! We did too watching her. The museum was a dicovery museum. They had a infant toddler area where they have a little tikes tree house. She kept climbing in and out of it. She rode on a mini cow. They had a child size firestation, school room, bakery, grocery, farm house with garden. Upstairs was more for older children. They had hands on science activites, a giant jungle gym that traced the human heart, a news station, and so on. It was really cool.

We got together with my girlfriend from high school (Andrea Magacs Eisley) who is living down near Poughkeepsie. Her little boy turned one that weekend we were leaving. We took Cate to his birthday party. It was so much fun seeing her and her family again and also meeting little Nathaniel.

Our journey ended with it's usual drama. On our way back to the JFK airport, Barrie's father's car ran out of gas. It was never filled up before we left. We sat on the side of the 684 just outside the city for an hour. Barrie's brothers came and brought us gas. We got to the airport in just enough time to check in, get through secruity, grab a sandwich/bananas and get to our gate to find out we didnt have a plane yet. We finally got one, left about 40 minutes later than expected, and got home close to on time. Cate did sleep 4 1/2 out of the 5 hours of flight.
All in all it was so wonderful. It was great to see our families, friends, and just get away from our daily routine.