Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week Five

I was quite crazy last week and didn't get a chance to write. I lost 0.4 lbs last week. Nothing to crazy but it was still a loss. I went this a.m. for this week's weigh in. The verdict is - 2.8lbs this past week giving me a grande total of 10.2 lbs since January 1st. I am so excited. I did some Yoga this week, mixed in with Cardio and Ab workouts. I can not believe how hard the yoga is, but so relaxing. The stretching feels so good, especially at night after a long day of either work, or chasing Caite around. My pants are getting much baggier - yeaaaa!!! (Please don't be mad Jessica - I still haven't measured myself - I guess lazy is the key work here.) I have been feeling great. I am 2.8 pints away from losing 5% of my body weight. Oh I am so excited :) Tune in same time, same website for next week's adventure. I will see how I do with treating myself to whatever I want to eat for a "special occasion" some time next week....To be continued.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another successful week on the scale

Good news good news!!!!! I had my weekly weigh in today. Yes, I did it again. I lost 2.4 pounds this week for a grand total of 7 pounds since the New Year. I am stoked!!!!!!!! I was a bit worried this week. I had used up all of my weekly (extra) points last weekend. I had such the cravings for chocolate( and I did eat them). I did great though. I planned everyday and watched what I was snacking on, making for lunch and dinner, and made sure I ate my oatmeat every morning. I made it to the gym a few days this week.
I was talking to Ben (or Barrie for those I am confusing) this morning. I was sharing on how good I have been feeling every day. I have been satisfied with meals and snacks and not sick from over eatting. I said the gym has been great too. Last night I worked on the Elliptical machine for 45 minutes. The first 10 were the worst. The success was I brought our travel DVD player watched a movie. I covered the time indicator for I didnt keep looking at it every 2 minutes and try to psych myself out.
I need to go to a WW meeting tonight. I get a "5 pound" sticker - yeaaaaaa. I am 1/4 of the way to reaching my 10% body weight loss goal!!!!!!!! Thanks for everyones suppose and encouragement!!!! You are all awesome!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

WK 2 Weigh In

My second weigh in of the year was very successful!!! I am down 4.6 pounds. So exciting. I have felt full all week, eatting tons more fruits and veggies - which Catie loves both. It was nice to go to meeting today; they have 3 meetings where you can take your little ones with you. It was nice to have Cate with me. She is my inspiration and motivation to go and change my life. What an example she is at 19 months old. I am stoked to see what this next week brings. Going to work hard, work out more and keep soaking in the great feeling of being 4.6 pounds lighter!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's Goal

Ok, I have done it. I signed up with Weight Watchers on January 2nd. After having my doctor share with me that due to one blood test last year, where the results were 2-3 points over normal, she has to technically consider me a diabetic. I am not happy - not with her, but with myself. Oh well, 'tis a new year and I am going to take this seriously. I did well when I was on Weight Watchers in New York. My mom did exceptionally well on it. I dont want Catie in the same boat when she gets older. I dont want problems when we start looking at another little Campbell - no I am not pregnant, but if it were to happen... I have also set up a gym routine. I will be going to the gym super early in the a.m. before work for about 40 minutes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I dont want to over do it gym wise because my back has still been bothering me. I am hoping that getting in shape and some weight loss will help my back tremendously. So here it is. Goal number one, for the healthier me - I am wanting to loss 10% of my body weight in the next 6 months. I wont tell you what that is...then you can guess my weight. I will keep everyone posted on how I am doing and when I reach the goal. So everyone go eat 3 cups of air poped popcorn (only 1 point) and stay tuned for an update!! Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)