Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

Yesterday, Ben, Catie, Nathan (Ben's brother) and I went to Temple square and looked at all the lights. The entire 2 blocks were lite up. From December 1st to the 31st, the lights are on at night. There were hundreds of people there. It was so neat to walk around the temple grounds, sharing in each other's company.

December 2008

This past month has been so much fun. With my new job, I was fortunate to have Thanksgiving and Black Friday off for the first time in about 10 years. We had a Turkey dinner, which was so yummy. I coaxed Ben to put the Christmas tree up on Friday. Catie and I did a little bit of shopping that afternoon, while Ben was working. Catie and I found some great deals and stayed out of the Apple store - in fear of being trampled.
We counted down the days till Christmas, with the counting blocks that I made at a craft night. Catie loved the lights on the tree. She did very well with leaving the ornaments on. She played with a nativity set that I painted at the craft night as well. I completed knitting the sweater for Catie, on time for a Christmas present. It turned out so nice. I also made lots of flannel "heat/ice" packs for gifts for grandparents and my nursery class to give to their parents.
Christmas eve, we carried on the traditional Polish dinner that my family had every year at my Babci's house. We had haluska, pieroghi's, mashed potatoes, peas, a 7-up ham, and many more yummy foods. We shared our wonderful time with the Beagley family, and the Sarle family, my old roommates Cynthia and Tiffany and Tiff's hubby Alan. Cate loved all the foods and chowed down when her plate was given to her. When the party came to an end, Cate, Ben, Nathan (Ben's brother) and myself opened our one present (new jammies for everyone) on Christmas eve - a tradition that Ben and I started the first year we were married.
I, of course, didn't sleep very well. I was too excited for Christmas day. I was up at about 630am, and helped Santa fill everyone's stockings with goodies. Cate woke up about 830ish. The present unwrapping began. Cate wanted to unwrap everything. She would tear off a piece of paper, hand it to someone, then start clapping. She did this with almost every tear she made. Our families in North Carolina, Florida and New York all turned on their computers, logged onto out web camera site and watched Cate open all her presents. It was so much fun to be talking to everyone, and them watching us. Even though I thought this investment was silly years ago when Ben purchased the camera, I think it is the most wonderful gift to have received. We are able to share our life and family with our families even though we are across the country.
Later Christmas day, we went to visit Ben's grandparents and extended family up in Bountiful, Utah. It is fun to hear how everyone is doing, see the great-grandkids running around and getting bigger. We also visited with Andrea, Ben's sister, who was up from BYU Provo and going to San Fransisco the following day.
Saturday night, 12/27, we had a Pizza - Wii game night with Cynthia, Tiff, Alan, and Nate. Holy smokes did we have fun.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Halloween

So I am a little backwards in my blogs, but oh well. I realized I didnt put anything in here about halloween. Our family participated in the annual neighborhood parade. It started about 530pm 2 street over from us at our Bishop's house. The South Sal Lake firetruck lead the way with police motorcycles and cars blocking off the main entrances to the streets so the familys could parade/trick or treat safely. We walk about 8 blocks and end back up at the Bishop's house where there is hotdogs, candy, popcorn, drinks and snacky stuff for everyone. It is so much fun. Cate was Winnie the Pooh this year. She was so dang cute, if I must say.

Turkey Gizzards anyone?

This thanksgiving I was so fortunate to be off on Thursday and Friday. I decided since Ben's sister-in-law made a huge Turkey dinner last year, I would attempt to tackle the task this year. It was so much fun. I had my cooking schedule all planned out by Thanksgiving day. I had never made/baked a turkey before and it scared the beegeebys out of me. I was up at 8am, prepping the bird. I was washing it out. I took what I thought was the neck of the bird out.....keep reading it gets funny. I put the flour in the bag and stuck the bird in. I tossed on some rosemary and thyme on top of the bird (which made the turkey taste and smell so nice.) I then began cooking all the other dishes. Ben's brother and sister-in-law came over. We also had the Beagley's from church and Dave Sarle over as well.
At 130, it was time to take the turkey out. We all sat down at 2, and pigged out. The turkey turned out great as well as the other foods. When dinner was done, I decided to cut the rest of the meat off the turkey for leftovers. As I was doing this, I noticed a plastic baggie in the middle of the turkey. I just realized that I didnt fully remove all the insides, that the baggie was the gizzards - so gross. Oh well, at least I am ready for next year :)

Now pronouncing Mr. and Mrs Ramirez

Catie and I flew to North Carolina the beginning of November for my sister's "elopement-wedding". It was so awesome to be there and see my family. Catie did super on the flight out. It was a direct flight. There were seats open, so I was able to put her in her car seat in the seat next to me. She slept most of the 4 hours out. Hanging out with my fam was so much fun. Catie was showing off her smiles and tricks, making everyone fall in love with her. The two of us shared an air mattress the first few nights then a queen sized bed the next few. Cate slept great. I had no sleep whatsoever. I either had feet in my face, a butt one night (not too pleasant) or various body parts flapping around. She loved it of course.
Paula's ceremony was small and wonderful. Josh's family made it there, except for Tim - who was protecting Logan, Utah (he is a police officer.) We all hung out hand had snacks at Paula's place afterwards, with dinner at a super nice Italian restaurant. Oh the food was sooooo good.
Sunday Cate and I had to travel back home. It was a crazy fun few days, that flew by way too fast. The flight home was not fun at all. The flights were booked. Cate had to sit on my lap. She did not want to sit still, constantly wanting to get down and move, hitting/kicking the seat in fron of her, poking the gal next to us and waking her up. I was glad to get to Salt Lake and hand her off to her Daddy. I think she was happy too!