Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Christmas present ever!!!

It is Christmas Eve here in Salt Lake City and Catie has given us the best present ever. She is walking 100% on her own. She gets shaky and falls a bit more freuqently when she is tired, but gets back up and keeps going. When you pick her up to carry her to the car, or in a store, she immediately asks for whom ever is holding her to walk. What a wonderful time!!! her determination and love of life, no matter what has been given to her has really opened my eyes to show how blessed we truely are. It testitifes to me that there really is Jesus Christ, that he was born, that he loves each and everyone of us. It shows me to never give up on prayer, that Heavenly Father always listens to us and always blesses us. I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas!!! Love to all!