Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Neuro Update

We met with a neurologist on Friday, 7/17, while Catie had her appointments in the Spina Bifida clinic. He said we are kind of in the middle on what to do with Catie. He said he wasnt sure if the first seizure she had was a fever seizure or not. The second definitely was not. He was treating with medication was up to us at this point. If we did treat, then it would be a 2 year commitment with giving medications, which might have to be changed up. With the medications come various side effects. Barrie and I both decided that we will watch and track her seizures, meaning that we wont give medications now. If her seizures become more frequent, say every month/more than that, then we will start medications. But if she is having a seizure once every six months, or longer than we will just get her through them. Kind of scary when she has one, but I dont want to give her unneccessary medications that don't have the nicest side effects for just one or two seizures. So we will keep saying our prayers, make sure Catie is well rested, well hydrated, and stress-free - all things that help.

We'll be coming down the mountain....

This past weekend was so much fun. My baby brother turned 26 on Sunday and came out for his birthday with his girlfriend Shannon. We had a blast. Saturday evening, we went to Seven Peaks waterpark for a few hours. Catie LOVED the water. The wave pool was her favorite. We walk in and all she kept shreeking was "wawa, wawa!!" After the park we introduced Chris and Shannon to our favorite ice cream shoppe - Leatherby's. Sunday, we skipped church to keep playing. Chris and Shannon wanted to see the mountains and maybe do a little hiking. And we did both, with emphasis on " a little hiking". We went to Snowbird Ski resort and took the Arial tram up to the top on Hiden Peak which is 11,000 feet. We were told that we can hike a short distance down to a chair lift and take that back to the resort. Well, we got to the lift and looked down. I think I was the one with the bright idea that it doesn't look too steep to hike down. RIGHT!!! About 4 hours later, 3 falls for me, one for Shannon and an hour nap while hiking for Catie, we made it to the bottom. We were exhausted. Back at the resort, Chris and Shannon took a ride on the Zip line. Barrie, Catie and I went down the alpine slide. I was so sick from the sun and heat that we had to go home after that. I will post pics shortly. We would so do it again, but just take the tram up, then take the chair lift or tram back down. I can at least say I hiked in the mountains!