Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Tuesday I went back to Weight Watchers after being on a pregnancy hiatus and few months before too. I weighed xxx last January when I originally joined up. I lost weight, then put it back on - not so hot. Before I found out I was pregnant with John, I was at the highest weight I have ever been at. I had John in March, never gaining thoughout the pregnancy. I actually lost 10 pounds. Starting weight watchers 10 pounds down from last July was awesome. I had my first weigh-in last night. I am down another 7.2 - YEAAAAA!!! So totally I am down 17.2 from January 2009!!! Exciting. Now I have to keep up with it and keep going. My goal is to 40 more pounds by Christmas. Think I can do it? We shall see

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And the vacation ends :(

Well, I am now back to work. I started last week on June 1st. It has felt like I haven't been off for the past 12 weeks. A lot has happened since I last blogged.
Johnny has been very colicky. At 6 weeks of age we had to purchase a swing from Kid to Kid. We have named it the "Magic Swing". We would (and still do) put him in it at night to sleep/calm him down. At 2 months of age (May 17th-ish), I took Johnny to the pediatrician for his well baby check up. He had gained 4 pounds in 1 month time. he definitely doesn't have problems with eating (takes after his mom ;) ). We had switched him to a different formula for sensitive bellies and started putting rice cereal in his bottles. The world had changed. The fussing calmed down. The spitting up has drastically calmed down. The rice cereal was then termed "Magic Cereal".
Since then, we have seen so many smiles and now cooing coming from John. We also have seen how different he is from when Catie was his age. He is tracking objects and looking everywhere, where as Cate had big troubles with it. He is loving the dragonfly attached to his carseat and the Winnie the Pooh mobile attached to the crib.
Memorial day weekend, Barrie's family came into town. Amelia, Ben and the boys came from Olympia, Washington and stayed with us. Barrie and Cathy came in from New York. We had such a fun time. We had Johnny blessed and given a name on Saturday May 29th, with a birthday BBQ for Cate after.
I can not believe Cate is 3 years old now. She has seemed, in my eyes, to have grown up so much since we brought John home. She is talking much more -still is behind a bit, but talks nonstop. She now has a white cane that the blind and visually impaired use to help him/her walk. She does a tremendous job with it. The confidence she has when she is outside in unfamiliar places with her cane is amazing. She is copying everything we do too. It is so funny. The lastest was she wanted to change John's diaper. We let her, with help of course. Barrie showed her how to unsnap his overalls between the legs along with the onsie underneith. She undid the velcro tabs on his diaper and looked inside. Her first comment was "Oooooo". She then grabbed the wipe container and pulled out a wipe. She started to wipe his genital area, stops., looks at it closer, then states "Ewwww, yuckie!!" then starts wiping it again. I was laughing so hard. I kept waiting the whole time to for John to pee on Cate. Bad thought, but for those that have been peed on by a baby boy, you know exactly why I thought that. Barrie then showed her how to put the clean diaper on.
Earlier in May, we had a placement meeting on transitioning from Early Intervention to Preschool. In the meeting, we all agreed that the best school for Cate to go to now is the Utah School for the Blind. There she will go to preschool 4 days a week for 6 hours a day - long I know, but it will be worth it. She will be going from prebraille learning to reading braille. The representative from USB said that it is their goal to have all blind/visually impaired children reading at the same rate as their sighted peers by 3rd grade, so that is learning uncontracted braille where all the words are spelled out letter by letter to contracted braille where the words are shortened down to make reading faster. We are so excited for her. Cate now loves to have us read books to her or to look/feel the pages to see what is on them. She is just so amazing.

Saturday June 5th, Barrie and I wrote down all the home improvements that we want to do with the house. That day, we conquered a bunch of them. We finished staining our fence that we put up and partially stained 3 yrs ago. We weede the flower beds in the front of the house and put fresh barch chips out. It smells so wonderful out there now. We purchased a wooden swingset for Catie so she can play in the backyard and also strengthen her legs to walk better and hopefully eventually run. We started to put it together - we are about 2/3 of the way though. We did get the swing beam up with the swings on it. Both the kids love to sit on the swings and be pushed. We need to finish the small house on top, attach the slide and put the rock wall together.

As I mentioned earlier, I am now back to work. I am still doing Ultrasounds for Utah Imaging Associates. It has been nice to be amongst adults again. I am still only part time, liking the 8-5pm hours. I get super excited though when 5pm comes, to run on over to daycare to pick up my Bug and Buddy.

I haven't had any patients this afternoon, hence all long blog. What I did figure out though, is I can copy and paste my blogs to Word and then print them out. Now I can put them in a journal, and save them. so much nicer than sitting down to write in the book. Don't get me wrong. I do like to write and I am not trying to be lazy. It seems to be much quicker and more legible to type thoughts and or events that have happened than to sit and write them out.