Thursday, August 26, 2010

DeMaria invasion

My family came out to visit at the end of July. It was sooooooo much fun having EVERYONE here. Dad, Mom, Chris and Shannon came out on Saturday July24th. I dont thin I ever made so many trips to the airport in one day. It was fun. Paula and Josh were to get into town on Sunday at about 1130pm, but with delays, they arrived at about 2 in the morning. Monday we played. After Cate and John's MD appts, we went up to Snowbird. We took Chris and Shannon last year and had the "wonderful" time of hiking down from Hidden Peak - the top where the tram drops you off, back down to the lodge. needless to say we didnt do that again. But, we did take the tram - both ways. Everyone thought the view was amazing. It was about 50 degrees, a good 45 degrees cool than the valley. It was beautiful!!

We ate at many fun places. At the Porcupine, Josh and Chris sampled the local beers. We introduced Mom, Dad, Chris and Shannon to a Brazilian Grill- Tucanos. Yummy. There was a request from Paula where we had to go to Leatherby's for ice cream. I dont think anyone disagreed with that request. There was rocking out with Rock Band, and lots of naps taken. Cate had everyone busy playing with her doll house with her, drawing with chalk outside and reading her books. Thanks for all the fun everyone!!! I miss you all so much!!! Kisses and hugs!!!

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